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Yeeeeah so I meant to post the other snippets but I got distracted by a random novella I suddenly HAD to write about a fragile little sugarpuss and his flirty dance instructor. Yeah I don't even know. It just had to be done. Anyway. I submitted it to DS so we'll see if they like it. If not, who knows?

Meanwhile um... I had news. Oh right. So they are tentatively interested in more Beings audiobooks, so Some Kind of Magic is up next. Possibly out in September I think. For anyone who doesn't follow me on Tumblr, all you really missed was me porning Wicklow and Rhoades, as usual, and some cutesy bits of fluff, like Zoe from Little Wolf meeting her mate. Um. hmm you would also have missed me talking briefly about Tulip, and about how Tulip's story (finished) now requires a story for Flor as well. So that is happening. I have a list of things to write, but my brain interrupted and ordered me to the dancing thing first, and it's best to just let my brain do what it wants in these situations.

ANYWAY. I can't remember what snippets were from where, so have a snippety/notes/commentfic type thing from Tumblr.

So. Someone asked about Nathaniel quieting Tim without words. And I mused on the subject. (all typos left as they originally were)

He could though. Because Nathaniel tends to rely on body language and scent to convey his emotional responses. Words are secondary. Whereas Tim is all words, he just flings them at people. It’s a defense mechanism, preemptive strikes, but they are also like… radar? Like Tim sort of susses people out using their reactions to what he says, rather than say, his ears or his nose like a normal wolf.

So there he is, in public somewhere, perhaps FINALLY at the festival with Nathaniel. And it’s a weird thing for him to be in a crowd. A crowd of strangers. Of wolves, a lot of wolves. And they all know him, or seem to know him, or know things about him, aaaand he’s more than a little freaked. And the only thing there even remotely capable of calming him down or distracting him is Nathaniel.

And he’s got Nathaniel’s hand clasped painfully tight in his but so far has not directly said anything about his fear. Instead it’s constant barbs about the weather, the crowds, the events, weird werewolf traditions he doesn’t understand, until finally they are in the shade of a booth–a kissing booth because Tim somehow made that happen what is his life? And he’s staring at these really very sexy werewolves sniffing and kissing these giggling humans (and this one fairy who keeps paying for this one wolf over and over again and the wolf just looks baffled and it’s kind of adorable). Like, staring, and frowning, and his grip on Nathaniel’s hand gets tighter, and Nathaniel can actually see Tim realizing that if he hadn’t come to Wolfs Paw, Nathaniel might have been the one in that booth, being either courted or stalked by that persistent fairy. He can see Tim’s brain worrying over this fact, can hear his heart race and his breathing get distressed. But all Tim is saying is disdainful things about how the town shouldn’t pimp out its wolves and what if that wolf didn’t like that fairy, would he still have to kiss him like that?

And he’s winding himself up as he gets closer to what he’s really thinking about–not being there. Never having met Nathaniel. Nathaniel being alone.

Of all things, it’s Nathaniel being alone that seems to haunt Tim the most, outside of his nightmares of Luca. His Little Wolf is not as selfish as he thinks he is.

So finally Nathaniel lets out a growl, a small one. It makes Tim go quiet but it doesn’t take his eyes from the kissing on display. He’s aroused, but distantly. This is something else. Nathaniel eases closer, coming up behind him while Tim is distracted, and then gets a hint of panic when he releases Tim’s and to wrap his arms around his waist. Panic and worry and panic again, and he tenses.

“Look at them,” he whispers, as the wolf in the booth slowly comes forward to stand before the excited fairy. There are sparkles everywhere. It’s actually a pretty sight. But Tim seemed pained. “God, look at them.” The wolf lets out a rough, encouraging sound and then the fairy is floating toward him. A moment after that they are kissing, werewolf hands big over the smaller fairy body.

Nathaniel slides his hands to Tim’s waist and hauls him back against him. Tim’s breathing makes a hitching sound Nathaniel personally finds delightful.

Little Wolf is imagining Nathaniel kissing that fairy. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he still thinks Nathaniel is stuck with him, does not want him. He is very foolish.

Nathaniel wants to bite the back of his neck and lets himself think about it, right there in full view of the public. He wants his teeth at Tim’s nape, his tongue on his skin. He wants to lap up desire and salt and Little Wolf.

He keeps his hands where they are, but thinks of them sliding lower, of Tim;s cock sliding through his fist, and Tim weak-kneed and begging. His voice goes high and breathless when Nathaniel makes him come, something that still takes no time at all. Nathaniel wants to spill his mate’s seed in the dirt and then push him to the nearest hard surface, spread his legs.

He wants to mount him, the way Tim fears and loves.

The people around them are starting to notice. A few of them whistle.

Tim is tense now in a new way, shivery and unsteady against him.

“Oh you…” he has to wet his lips. “You bastard. What are you doing?”

Nathaniel isn’t, technically, doing anything. So he doesn’t answer.

He can feel Tim growing hotter, even through his clothes. The air is decidedly musky. The skin of Tim’s neck will probably taste like ripe apples,  ready to fall from the tree.

“Oh god,” Tim speaks again, although Nathaniel still hasn’t really even touched him. His heartbeat is fast, but strong, no longer scared.  “What? You can’t keep your hands off me or something?”

His tone is cutting, but he is breathless. And his scent is plucked fruit and heat and mate.

“Yeah, okay,” he agrees, begrudgingly, if you didn’t know him. “If you really want,” he adds, softer, scared and longing but not wanting it to show, so Nathaniel finally, carefully, presses a kiss to the back of his neck, and then pulls Tim around to kiss his mouth.

The crowd whistles again. He could not care less.

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