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Ehonauta over on Tumblr requested a Hanukkah snippet, and my brain gave her fluff between Eli and Riley from Butterbean and the Pretty Princess Make a Home. It's probably not what she was looking for, but it's pretty sugary if anyone is looking for that in a Hanukkah-themed snippet.

boyfriends in gay love together forever. with cats. )
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I haven't been on lately because I haven't been writing, and I get very depressing when I am like that, but hopefully I will have something to do soon.

Meanwhile, because I fail at pimping, I forgot to pimp this-->

For a fluffy good time!

Unintentional pun!!
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Quick update:

The charity thing is moving forward, so next week is the starting day.

Meanwhile, Dreamspinner is releasing an anthology in August called "Animal Magnetism" about pets bringing people together and it's going to feature a story of mine. I don't know if they are going to keep my crazy title though, but just in case it's, "Butterbean and The Pretty Princess Make a Home". Crack! More later.

Also everyone has seen this? Tag me I post because shy guy/model y/y???
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