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I keep writing all these things and I don't know what to do with them. Weird short story things and alternate universe of existing story things. Just random ideas that don't seem to have a place, no matter how adorable I might think they are.

Short stories in the Beings universe seems to be a place my mind keeps going, though I have no idea if that sort of thing is publishable. Maybe a series of them with a unifying theme. Or no theme, just a series of short stories. (Would that be a thing people would read?) It might include existing characters or it might be all new. I wrote a thing about an imp in love the other day.

An imp! I know! It just happened.

Anyway, I'm still alive, just sort of frazzled. :)

Have an excerpt...

"Someone once told me that you were the enforcer of Mr. Summers' political will, Mr. Rennet. You should consider the source of your information," Campbell the reporter snapped back, sweating but brave. Rennet stared at him, then directed a look over at John. John was calm, even smiling faintly, which could have meant anything, but he wasn't intervening to shut Rennet up, so after a long minute, Rennet arched his eyebrows.

"Just Rennet," he corrected the reporter, in case this was on the record. "Rennet the imp. What kind of idiot would hire an imp for matters of a delicate nature? I'm an embodiment of chaos, asshole. I don't do good or evil. Didn't you learn this in school?"

"Asshole seems harsh, Rennet," John commented, taking his empty cup and setting it next to the coffee machine. Rennet would need at least two cups to feel any effects from the caffeine. John removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves before preparing a second cup, just for Rennet.

"See?" Rennet continued with his mouth dry, trying not to stare at John's forearms. "Sorry about the asshole thing, but you honestly think I take orders from this guy?"

Margery coughed around her sip of coffee.

I don't even know where my brain is anymore, but Rennet will pretty much do anything John wants, little delusional failboat that he is. He is fooling no one.
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To those people who paid for a hard copy of "A Boy and His Dragon" and got the autographed version in which I tried to be cute, I am so sorry I am such a dork. What can you do? It's like genetic dorkiness or something, I can't seem to stop.

Also I am trying to do a sports story for Dreamspinner's Sports themed Daily Dose thing, but sports, ugh. What are they even about? :) Thank goodness that coffeebuddha is egging me on to ridiculous heights of failboat boys in love or nothing would be happening with it at all.

still tho

Dec. 20th, 2012 07:16 pm
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Got a bunch of vellum sheets in the mail today with instructions to sign the, and to write a little extra something if the mood strikes me. I guess the first twenty people to order A Boy and His Dragon from Dreamspinner get a copy of the book with my autograph on it.


The first and only book I ever signed was a copy my sister requested and I wrote "Burn this" in it out of sheer embarrassment. (Will and Charlie porn... being read by my sister... well she probably won't read it, but still tho. STILL THO.)

So um, do people want this thing? And does the mood strike me to write something else? And then, dear gott im himmel, what should I write?
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I have been going through... things... so I apologize for not being around much. The fun part of being crazy is that I get to say things like that and y'all have to be understanding about it. But yeah, life, seriously. (When you are playing "I am a rock" by Simon & Garfunkel over and over again it's maybe time to emerge from your fortress deep and mighty). I am working on being a person again, just in time for the holidays.

In writing news I finally got something from Dreamspinner about A Boy and His Dragon. I assume if I'm just getting the cover specs sheet about the artwork that it won't be coming out until January at least. But I don't have a definite date yet so bear with me.

Meanwhile, I should reformat that short story I did a while back and hopefully get it up on Smashwords soon. And I still want to do something for the food bank Second Harvest for Thanksgiving. I don't know what would raise the most money. I was thinking of maybe writing something in small sections and posting a new section every time someone donates to Second Harvest (even a dollar) or takes a picture of themselves putting cans or boxes of food into a donation bin at their local grocery store. You know, holding your story hostage until people get fed. Something?

I really need that secretary my third grade teacher said I would need in life now. Plz. I also need to channel my inner Will and go dancing. I haven't in over a year and that is just wrong. If only I had friends...

Ah well. STORIES. Let me think of some.
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There is never enough sleep. Where is all the sleep and who is hoarding it?

Where have I been? Working. Not writing, then writing, sort of (pretty boys and snuggly bears and kittens, people would want that?), editing dragons in love, then wondering where on earth one might get a writer type mentor, for mentoring purposes. Because one has questions, sometimes. (Sorry, I am tired, I might make even less sense than usual.) This is a confusing new world and I don't think the rules are set in place yet, but surely there must be some out there who have already learned the things I need to learn? Yes?

Ahem. Business. People have been asking if I would/could put all my free reads snippets up on Amazon or Smashwords so they could be downloadable. This hadn't occurred to me as something to do. (At all. I need to work on that technology stuff). But, yeah, I might, as soon as I get my shit together and edit them (some of them were written as commentfic and come complete with typos) and get cover art and try to arrange them as a collection that makes sense or at least looks pretty.

Others have been asking if there is anything else (aw! flatterers! you guys!) or will I write anything else like those free reads, or actual sequels. I might. I like commentfic as an exercise and I've usually spent so much time with my characters that writing their little scenes and spin offs and AUs is fun for me. As for regular sequels... not in the traditional sense, but I'd like some of my characters to make appearances elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I am planning on doing a charity original story, so anyone interested get your budget in order and your potential story prompts in mind. (Dunno about sequels though. I might ask do new ideas only, though in the same universe might be okay). My schedule in the next few weeks is going to get bananas, so I might announce it all and then open the bidding sometime near the end of May and then give myself a deadline like July 1.

You are interested in all this babble, I'm sure. lol. I'll move on.

Yay for equal marriage rights! Now for equal rom-coms and bridal registry!
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A couple of things. (Oh hey anyone new who might be reading this. Hey! I just met you, this is crazy, but here's my number...)

First things first, LOOKIT IT'S A BOOK!!!! )

I know it's expensive and a big purchase and maybe I'm no one's favorite author, but OMG! It's a book! I'm having a moment. I'm getting all verklempt!

In other news it's Dreamspinner's Fifth Anniversary, so they are having sales all month, but I guess they are surprise! bonus extra special sales and other deals and treats that you have to watch their FB or Twitter feed to find out about. Just letting people know. Sales! Sales are always good.

In *other* other news, I seriously might be no one's favorite author (as far as I can tell anyway) but screw it, I'm going to go ahead with my charity thing. What I am most likely going to do is set up a post with a starting bid price (something low, like $5) and offer to write a new story of at least 5000 words based on a prompt from the person with the highest bid (if I have a bidder. If not I might write something anyway, but charity would get no money. Boo). I am still considering the details, but the charity will most likely be for this place or someplace like it The San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center. But again, I'm still working out the details... with myself really, and my schedule and moods. (Damn moods!)

Anyway, BOOK! It's pretty to hold I must say. Now back to work for me... or sleep. I might sleep now. Work tomorrow.
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Holy shit, release day.

I mean, not that it matters in the grand scheme of life or anything. Just that I am all nervous and fluttery about it and I still have to go to work and be all normal and calm and shit. :(

No fun. I will imagine Chandler/Kent sex while there maybe. Just for funsies. Then maybe work on original plotting stuff like a good girl.

Meanwhile, just a reminder for anyone who feels they need an epilogue that one does in fact exist. And it's free! (You just have to suffer my bad Spanish).

Somebody Named Will

So much love to everyone today. Especially Claire and Paulina and Daphne and Dreamsparkle, for keeping me on target. :)
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SYNOPSIS WRITTEN, BITCHES!!! (okay first draft of it which is still weird, because I don't have feedback from all my betas yet but you know what? Whatever. I needed to get it out.)

You are welcome to send me porn to reward me. (or I will just write something about a subway train and a twink with a nice ass)

*amused at self*
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I am supposed to be going over my galley proof today, only I keep getting embarrassed at seeing it in print and looking away.

The front is lovely though. Old-fashioned and pretty.

Etiquette question...are you supposed to comment when you friend or follow someone you don't really know? Similarly, are you supposed to comment when they friend or follow you if you don't know them that well/at all?

I suppose it's one of those things where you can do whatever, but one is seen as slightly more or less bitchy than the other.

And then the dilemma, start working on the synopsis for the dragon thing (which I hate doing) or waste time writing long fanfic insane thing that's eaten my brain? Dammit. *Or* brainstorm online with someone this original thing that would be awesome but which will likely never get written? ARGH.

Also I am still thinking on the charity thing. Would people bid on me if I offered a short story or something? A free book? hmmm
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Dammit! Why is fanfiction so much *fun*? I should be doing real work, not playing around with crack pairings. I mean, sure I can tell myself that it's good writing practice and everything, but really I am doing it for the wheeeee!

Okay it *is* good writing practice. Thinky, but not too thinky. With blowjobs. That's always nice.

...I might be high off pudding and crack pairings right now. Hmm.
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Goodness everyone has me so flustered I'm considering doing that flapping thing that women do as though it's going to cool their face down.

I really wasn't expecting...anything. I don't know what to do now. *flail*

And, hey Lada, hey girl hey. Love you, you, nothing if not consistent thing you.

I don't know what icon to use, so Elizabeth hugging Leicester it is.
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I really wasn't expecting a cover, not for a little novella that's part of the Advent Calender, but I got one. Cover! Cookies!

Cover! With Cookies!

It's just not Christmas if you aren't forced to make cookies at some point. (Okay, this is blatantly untrue, but just the same, trust me, I will end up making cookies for gifts for people some time in December.)

A Wealth of Unsaid Words $3.99

By R. Cooper

Alex has always known his bipolar disorder made him too flawed for his boyhood hero, Everett. So when his feelings for Everett became overwhelming, he forced a separation that saddened them both but gave Alex the clarity he needed. Now a year has passed, and he and Everett are together again when Everett’s noisy, imperfect family reunites for Christmas, pulling Alex into their chaotic warmth the way they always have. Can Everett convince Alex that, in spite of his fears, starting a relationship would make for the perfect holiday?

Categories: Advent Calendar 2011, Novella, Holiday, R. Cooper

Comes out, what? December 1, I believe.

Oh damn. Now I want cookies. And I really need a foodporn icon for my livejournal. Hmm.
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Okay, people who've read Charlie and Will (hereafter to be referred to as either "Chills" or by its working title, "Play It Again, Charlie") I need your last minute complaints/thoughts now, because I've got to get this bitch out before I go insane with it and at this point when I look at it I either blank out or get way too obsessed with commas.

(Delete the comma. Replace the comma. Stare at sentence. Delete the comma. Realize it's not a crucial sentence after all and delete the whole sentence. Scroll down and realize that sentence was actually there to set up something later and was crucial. Oops. Undo "delete". Go back to staring at commas.)

It's getting me nowhere because I can't tell what needs editing anymore. Argh.

I'm gonna go back to reading about Barbados. For research purposes, honestly. It isn't like I can go there.
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